If I could invest in myself like stocks – if my value was determined by how much I’ve accomplished – would I really want to buy more shares of myself? If I really thought about it… I think I’m going to have to think for a while. To rely on myself right now… That’s an expensive wager.

I used to think that I was open-minded. I’m sorry, but I can’t accept this. Not in my world. Not in my spare time.

Bodily fluids are gross. Violence is gross. Non-consensual is gross. Cheating is gross. Ugly things are gross. Actually, I’m pretty close-minded about this kind of stuff. I’m alright if you do it with a consenting partner. Not with me, though. I don’t want to see this stuff. I don’t even want to read your fantasies about this shit. Just not my type of thing.

Alright, one exception. Nothing that hurts anybody else.

No metaphors. No deeper meaning. It’s literally just that. No more.

I could try to delve into the reasons why, but it’s not going to suddenly convince any of them to stop what they’re doing and devote their time to me. I’m a selfish guy, but I know my limits. I know not to push the issue. I have a modicum of self-restraint, yeah? I can read between the lines.

Something about fairy tales – something about the knight, and something about the princess – the dynamic, the characters, the plot; something in the formula just works. It’s been hundreds, maybe even thousands of years, and the story still hasn’t died out. Something makes us want to keep it alive. Something makes us want to keep believing.

He’s waving his hands around, trying to get her attention. It won’t matter if she looks at him or not. He’s going to talk no matter what. He doesn’t care about how she feels. He’ll just keep talking. She knows this. She’s known for a while. She just doesn’t have the heart to tell him to shut up. Too harsh. Too crass. Too… confrontational. That’s right. She’s not going to be the bad guy in this story.

I lost the match. One careless mistake. Wasn’t my mistake. Would’ve been easier if it was my mistake. Easier to blame. Easier to point fingers at. I know that I can take it – the arguing, the name calling, the harassing. I just don’t know if the other guy can take it. So I don’t say anything.