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The whole thing is the montage. Part 2: montage intro

Her body cascades down the cliff, and she’s bathed in the afterglow of the twilight sky. The wind pinches her cheeks. The figures and forms that she observed from above are alien now, shifting with her ever-changing perspective. She fidgets with the zippers and buttons on her jacket, closing any opened pockets and patting down […]

The whole thing is the montage. Part 1: the pre-montage

She perches herself on the cliff top, feet teasing the edge of a finite oblivion.

It isn’t right to be embarrassed about something that you like

Alright, one exception. Nothing that hurts anybody else.


The “hng” is one of the most complicated and enigmatic expressions of today. It is a short, but powerful expression. It can convey anger, disappointment, excitement, and constipation.

The grunt: the most underrated sound in the 21st century.

He doesn’t bother saving her

The timid ticking of his watch kept going. He tapped his watch, then turned to look at the other man. “You’ve been waiting there for a while now. You sure you’re not going to save her? I promise; I’ll release it as soon as -”

“As soon as I accept death, yeah?” He asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Of course. You can watch her go free; no fuss.”

“I die, though.”


Man, this dude is really good. TLOP came out a while ago, right? It’s really good, too. The public didn’t always like him, but I think everyone’s really coming around now. In fact, it’s actually become kinda mainstream… but that’s 500 words for another time.

You wake up with a knife over your head

Blade-side down, obviously.

You blink a few times. Your arms twitch, but you know better than to attempt some Hollywood disarmament on something that’s inches away from your face. You can’t move that fast. If it isn’t death, then it’s going to be maiming – and we all know how much you love your face.