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Smiling when you don’t actually feel like smiling is the coolest thing in the world

People love talking about “immortality” and “divine beings,” but this – this is the equivalent of modern transcendence. If you can do this, you’ve essentially “won.” You have risen above the petty qualms and quibbles of contemporary life. You are truly a warrior of the post-postmodern era.

Get more stuff to get stuff faster | Exercises in futility

If you’ve ever played any video game, then at some point, you’ve asked yourself: “How does this affect my future in any meaningful way?”

Answer: It doesn’t. It might actually be pretty harmfu-

…Do you care, though?

Answer: Nah.

So afraid of commenting on discussions, you have to make a blog in order to say anything

As a “blogger” with maybe 1 person visiting for every 2 posts that I make, I’ve noticed that blogging is an innately lonely hobby. I mean, unless your blog is about going out and partying everyday – then, of course – maybe not so lonely.

Get more stuff to get stuff faster | Video games vs “productivity”

That line always takes the wind out of my sails. I’m minding my own business, mindlessly playing my video games, and this bombshell of a line hits me. I stop in my tracks. I reconsider what I’m doing. ‘Is playing video games at 3am what my life amounts to?’ I turn it over in my head; I reexamine the statement. And I have nothing to say to it; no platform to argue for. All I can do is nod and smile, and go along my merry way.

That’s just the way that I do things.

Pain is temporary. Ignorance is also temporary.

Physical is the same as mental pain – it’s all in your head.

Would I really bet on myself?

If I could invest in myself like stocks – if my value was determined by how much I’ve accomplished – would I really want to buy more shares of myself? If I really thought about it… I think I’m going to have to think for a while. To rely on myself right now… That’s an expensive wager.

It isn’t right to be embarrassed about something that you like

Alright, one exception. Nothing that hurts anybody else.