Dying in the loosest sense

Identity. The answer's identity. You lose your identity, you're dead. In the loosest sense, of course. But still dead.


The “Good Things in Life” Tier List

There's about two things that are universally liked: things that are cute, and things that feel good. It changes based on how you define "cute" and what you think feels good, but in general, the "makes your insides feel fuzzy" type of things are pretty unwavering between human beings. 

Suburban hood dreams

It's not enough to sit around and stare at antiquated household appliances all day. It's not enough to be healthy. It's not enough to be happy. It's not enough to be smart, and it's not enough to be well-off. You have to be the healthiest, the happiest, the smartest, the richest - you have to be the best. Everything you own has to be the best. The best house, the best car, the best heating system, the best wife, the best washing machine, the best cutlery - the best life.

The smile is sour

It's an abstract type of feeling. It's a conflicting state of mind. I want to stay in my shell, but the advisers on the internet tell me otherwise. They tell me that I should be more open. They tell me that success comes to those who grab it by the neck.

Ambition and other drugs

You like underdog stories, because you insert yourself into them. You like hearing about guys "pulling themselves up from their bootstraps," because you want to be like them. You weren't born into money. You weren't famous from birth. You're just a regular guy. But you still dream.