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How much does it take to excel?

How much work do I need to do to pass? What’s the latest date I can hand this in? What’s the worst thing that you’ll accept? How much do I need to get on this test to get an A? Exactly an A? What’s the best I can do in five minutes? Ten? What feels the best? What’s the quickest way to get myself off? What’s the most exciting song? What’s the most popular? What do other people like? What do other people like talking about? What-

Pain is temporary. Ignorance is also temporary.

Physical is the same as mental pain – it’s all in your head.

Most kinks are fine but “ugly middle-aged male schoolteacher” is absolutely disgusting

I used to think that I was open-minded. I’m sorry, but I can’t accept this. Not in my world. Not in my spare time.

Bodily fluids are gross. Violence is gross. Non-consensual is gross. Cheating is gross. Ugly things are gross. Actually, I’m pretty close-minded about this kind of stuff. I’m alright if you do it with a consenting partner. Not with me, though. I don’t want to see this stuff. I don’t even want to read your fantasies about this shit. Just not my type of thing.

Engaging emotional attachment

I’m jealous of fanfiction writers. They can write whatever they want, and the lowest common denominator of each fandom eats it up. But I’m being hypocritical. I eat it up too. Just like them, I look past all the spelling errors. I look past the fact that every fifth “I” isn’t capitalized. I don’t bother […]

Stop licking your fingers | Why can’t you flip like a normal person

It’s already spread. Is it contagious? I don’t know. I hope not. But it seems to be following me. Even when they’re counting money – dirty, publicly-used dollar bills – they lick their fingers. I suppose that licking your fingers to flip through paper is “the new normal.” But I just can’t seem to accept it.

Mind over Myself

There’s some real impressive things that you can do if you let your emotions take over. A burst of passion – that’s what you’re looking for. Something that you can rely on to do something great. Something to push yourself – something to send you into overdrive.

Whatever senses you want to be heightened, get heightened. Whatever you’re focusing on gets even more in focus. Every one of your body parts moves in perfect harmony. Everything that you tell it to do, it does. There are no more flaws in your thinking. You have become one with your mind, and the only thing that limits you is the physical limit of the world.

“In all seriousness”

I’m an asshole. I know. But I really hate seeing this phrase. I also hate when people make titles that start with “So.” It feels like I’m getting angry at nothing when I try to explain it to someone, but getting angry at nothing is kind of my shtick.