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She has no prophesy

Her hair’s the colour of dirt, not fire.


I think I love myself when I’m happy too

My heart is a vacant apartment, but anger is a sloppy tenant. 

Get more stuff to get stuff faster | Doing things so you can do more things

Haven’t really glossed over the core of this phrase yet. “Get more stuff to get stuff faster” – this is the process of life. Not the point, but maybe just as important.

I think I missed the point about 500 words

It’s about 500 words towards a book, not 500 words towards a diary. It’s fine though – I liked it while it lasted. It felt nice to squeeze something that didn’t exist. It was nice, pretending that something good could possibly come out of vomiting my daily build-up of bullshit. But that’s enough now. Enough with the games. This is the first one under 500. I’m excited. I hope you are, too.

Attention-shunning attention-seeker

When even your intentions are make-believe, maybe it’s time for a rebranding.

Dying in the loosest sense

Identity. The answer’s identity. You lose your identity, you’re dead. In the loosest sense, of course. But still dead.

The “Good Things in Life” Tier List

There’s about two things that are universally liked: things that are cute, and things that feel good. It changes based on how you define “cute” and what you think feels good, but in general, the “makes your insides feel fuzzy” type of things are pretty unwavering between human beings.