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The whole thing is the montage. Part 2: montage intro

Her body cascades down the cliff, and she’s bathed in the afterglow of the twilight sky. The wind pinches her cheeks. The figures and forms that she observed from above are alien now, shifting with her ever-changing perspective. She fidgets with the zippers and buttons on her jacket, closing any opened pockets and patting down […]

The whole thing is the montage. Part 1: the pre-montage

She perches herself on the cliff top, feet teasing the edge of a finite oblivion.

Get more stuff to get stuff faster | Emotional oblivion

“End-game” is essentially planned obsolescence. There’s only so many toys that your parents can give you before they run out of money. There’s only so many rides on the theme park, and only so much time in the day to go on the rides. You can cry all you want, but you’re never going to persuade the finitude of the human condition to cater to your demands.

Living for the weekend

Everything can be broken down into soul-sucking routines if you’re pessimistic enough.

My mom wants me to do something other than play video games, so I guess I’m back here again, with another 500 words.

Hello. Here’s Mr. 500-words-a-day, back at it again with another cool, insightful post about nothing of importance, coupled with an image of absolute irrelevance. I hope my 2 followers haven’t completely abandoned me just yet.

Smiling when you don’t actually feel like smiling is the coolest thing in the world

People love talking about “immortality” and “divine beings,” but this – this is the equivalent of modern transcendence. If you can do this, you’ve essentially “won.” You have risen above the petty qualms and quibbles of contemporary life. You are truly a warrior of the post-postmodern era.

Get more stuff to get stuff faster | Exercises in futility

If you’ve ever played any video game, then at some point, you’ve asked yourself: “How does this affect my future in any meaningful way?”

Answer: It doesn’t. It might actually be pretty harmfu-

…Do you care, though?

Answer: Nah.