She has no prophesy

just in case you mess up their life

Her hair’s the colour of dirt, not fire. Her family’s doing fine. She has no reason for revenge. She’s not part of a long-lost lineage of royalty. She isn’t blessed with magic. She has no prophesy. She isn’t destined for anything spectacular.

But other people are. They’re blessed with wealth, or magic, or both. They’re part of a lone line of blue-blooded nobles, and they’ve trained from birth to become the best that they possibly could, and then some more. They’re the ones who “do great things.”

“Great things.” They kill a lot of people, and order other people to kill a lot of people. Living and dying with glory attached to their shadows, they almost seem to live in a different world. Comparing her problems against their problems is like comparing an ant to a horse – anything that she accomplishes can be stamped out at a whim by one of them. To her, a mountain. To them, a clump of dirt.

It’s been a decade now. Every day, she swings that same stick over and over again.

‘Our daughter’s gonna do great things one day!’

She might, to you. She knows her future better than her expectations do. Interspersed between the needless bloodshed and faceless victims, she might accomplish something “great.” She’s already accepted what all this training would lead her to. Sleepless nights, blood under her nails, a trail of people who could’ve used a little more luck, and the nagging feeling that she misused her innate potential through-and-through. Never underestimate a strong work ethic and an indignant attitude.

“Never underestimate a strong work ethic and an indignant attitude.”

Nobody ever underestimated her. Nobody underestimates a child. The point isn’t that she’s being underestimated – the point is that she isn’t even being given a glance. And she shouldn’t be given one. Not until she accomplishes something, at least. She hasn’t killed anyone yet.

An astonishing amount of people will try to spend their lives on the “potential” they had as children. But that’s no way to live. Advantages are nothing if you don’t push them. Disadvantages are nothing if you do push them. Of course, there are limits. And of course, she knows her limits by now. After a decade of playing with long sticks, you’d think that she would’ve learned that strength was important.


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