My mom wants me to do something other than play video games, so I guess I’m back here again, with another 500 words.

IMG_0800Hello. Here’s Mr. 500-words-a-day, back at it again with another cool, insightful post about nothing of importance, coupled with an image of absolute irrelevance. I hope my 2 followers haven’t completely abandoned me just yet. Today, to “go meta” once again, I’m just gonna talk about these next 500 words. An exercise in grammar, I suppose. Nothing super creative going on here.

Why 500? It’s a nice number. Why write? Because it can improve your writing skills. But I don’t know if I’m actually doing this right. Yeah, “writing” is good. But “writing about nothing” seems a little weird. I doubt this is helping me become a better writer. It’s just helping me type faster. There’s no urgency in these words. No care. No worry. The plot of these 500 words is “a young man endeavors on a journey to write 500 words.” Both in isolation and conjunction, every single one of my 500-word posts has nothing going for them.

What do I even have? What did I even write about? Video games and ranting. Cool. Oh, and some pseudo-motivational philosophy too? Even better. And don’t forget about the “self-aware” posts. Amazing. How does a teenager have so many existential crises? It’s like a quarter-life crisis, if that. With the life expectancy nowadays, though, I’d say it’s more like an eighth-life crisis. Yeah. Just some guy with an eighth-life crisis writing bullshit and posting it online.

I think you could label a lot of things “Just some guy with an eighth-life crisis writing bullshit and posting it online.”

I’d like to imagine that somebody else out there would appreciate this blog, but the fact that I hardly even like it myself puts a damper on my expectations. Sometimes, I do wonder if there’s even a point to all of this. I feel like this is eventually just gonna get abandoned. I’m gonna be too embarrassed to show my old stuff, and I’m gonna be too afraid to write any new stuff. A harsh cycle, where you can’t stand your old material, but you have nothing to replace it with.

Really though, most blogs are pointless just to begin with. I mean, a blog about your dog? A blog about “self-improvement?” A blog about making better blogs? A blog about your daily life? A blog about foo – ok, food blogging is acceptable. But most of it is a complete cesspool of tangential platitudes and done-to-death “opinions about the current state of the world.”

Am I also contributing to this cesspool? Fuck it, sure. I’ll roll around in the mud with everyone. If that’s what I am, that’s what I’ll be. Until I improve, I’ll be stuck here. I’ll make do with what little support I have, and keep going. If it takes a year to find one person to read my posts, then I’ll wait – no, I’ll write for a year, just for that one person. It doesn’t matter if 7 billion people ignore me, if only one person cares. All it takes is a spark for the house to burn down.




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