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If you’ve ever played a video game, then at some point, you’ve asked yourself: “How does this affect my future in any meaningful way?”

Answer: It doesn’t. It might actually be pretty harmful-

…Do you care, though?

Answer: Nah.

It doesn’t matter if it’s pointless. It doesn’t matter if it’s a “waste of time.” I wasn’t expecting it to be “productive.” I didn’t buy this video game because I thought I was going to “change the world” by playing it. I bought it because I could, and because I enjoy playing video games.

I don’t play video games to make myself become a better person. I play them because I specifically do not care about making myself a better person. I’m fine with being a loser. I’m fine with accomplishing “nothing meaningful.” You might think that I’m stupid. You might think that I’m lazy. You might think that I’m pathetic. And you might just be right about all of those things. But don’t think for one second that I’m “delusional.”

I accept the pointlessness. I accept the meaninglessness. I accept the absurdity. I expected nothing, and I received nothing.

I don’t play video games to find a greater purpose in life. In fact, I play video games to find a lesser purpose. A quest, an achievement, a boss fight. A feeling, a thought, an emotion. “It’s about the journey, not the destination.” I don’t mind that the whole point of “getting better loot” is to “get more loot, but this time, a little more efficiently.” I don’t mind that the result of “killing monsters” is simply “the ability to kill even more monsters.” It’s a stupid progression, but it’s progression, at least!

‘Instead of wasting your time on that, you could be doing something meaningful.’ Like what? What’s “meaningful?” Fame? Fortune? Knowledge? A big house? A big car? A big family? A girl with a big butt? A guy with a big butt?

Or maybe… “changing the world?” Is that “meaningful?”

The whole point of “playing video games” is to ignore the world around you. I don’t care about changing anybody else’s world. I only care about changing my own world. And that’s a pretty easy world to change. Pop the start button, put on the headphones, and strap yourself in, because we’re blasting off towards the adventure of a lifetime.

You know that stuff about “video game addiction” and how “drugs and video games are closely related?”

In this post, you could probably replace most instances of “play” with “take,” then replace most instances of “video games” with “drugs,” and the whole thing would still make sense.

It’s kinda… it’s necessarily not a bad thing, is it? I mean, don’t you pretty much get an infinite supply of video games? If you’ve got a decent-enough internet connection, and you’re fine with lowering your standards a little bit, then…

You could play Flash games for the rest of your life-

And suddenly, “changing the world” doesn’t sound so bad anymore.



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