Pain is temporary. Ignorance is also temporary.

Physical is the same as mental pain – it’s all in your head.

If I can dedicate myself to working out, then I can dedicate myself to learning. Not every buff guy is a douchebag. Not every smart guy is a loser. If you put in the time, you can be just as good as anybody else. The pain lessens over time. The more work you put in, the more you get out. There’s nothing stopping you – except for yourself.

Everything hurts on the first day. You barely know what to do, your muscles ache, and you were using light weight. You felt the gaze of everyone in the gym converging on you. Embarrassing. But you worked hard, and you’re going to come back.

And you do.

This time, you’re more used to the exercises. You refreshed your form. It feels a little easier now. You put more weight on it. And you work. 3×8, 5×5, 3×5 – the numbers are blurry, but you’re keeping track. All your muscles are working in tandem, every one moving with their own purposes. Anatomy has never been so clear.

You keep at it. You learn a few new exercises. And you increase the weight. Eat. Sleep. Work out. Repeat ad infinitum. Are you bored? No. You look at your pump, and you feel good about your looks. Self-admiration is addicting, and there’s nobody stopping you from doing it. You never realized how nice it is to look at yourself in the mirror. You can distinctly see your progress – through the contours of your body, you can keep track of the fruits of your efforts.

“Working out” is not hard. And neither is “math.” Things take time to get better. The amount of weight you can move gets bigger over time. Results are proportional with time and effort. There is no need to be afraid. Nobody will judge you for being “weak.” Nobody will judge you for being “dumb.” As long as you work hard, everybody’s gonna love you. They might not love you very much right now. They might be indifferent, and they might simply dislike you. But that’s fine. You’ll work for their love. And if not theirs, then somebody else’s. You have no business with self-righteous elitists.

Learning something you don’t want to learn is like working out when you’re fine with being sedentary. You’re fighting against your own desires. You know that it’s supposed to be good for you, but you can’t quite see it that way. It’s hard to try something that you don’t want to try. Your life is fine right now, and –

Hang on. The only reason I’m here in the first place is because I’m dissatisfied with my current life. Which means – I’m asking for the change. I wanted to be here. I can’t back out now. The grass is always greener on the other side – resting seems like a fine idea when you’re out of breath, but working out seems like a great idea when you’re slumped over your couch with nothing on your mind besides the feelings of disgust at yourself.

Playing video games seems like a great idea when you’re just about to tackle some convoluted paragraphs in a textbook. Staying in bed seems like a great idea. Staring out the window seems like a great idea. Eating seems like a great idea. Going to the washroom seems like a great idea. How about masturbation? Everyone loves masturbation, right? Anything to avoid responsibilities, right?

Do you even fucking care, man?

How does it feel when you see younger people being more successful? How does it feel when you see everyone pass you by? How does it feel to be mediocre? How does it feel to be pathetic? How does it feel to be a fucking good-for-nothing lowlife loser? What happened to all that “ambition?” What about those dreams of become a millionaire? A billionaire? You sure talk big, huh?

How much does it hurt? How does it feel when you remember the reason why you’re doing so poorly? Are you going to boot up your stupid video games again? Are you going to escape again? Are you-


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