It isn’t right to be embarrassed about something that you like

Alright, one exception. Nothing that hurts anybody else.

There’s a lot of things that people are embarrassed to talk about. Fashion, political beliefs, food, anime – why should you hide it to other people if you really like it? Why should you have to back down? Why – what gives their judgement of you any weight?

People are going to judge you no matter what. And if they’re judging you negatively because of some harmless little thing that you do in your part time, why should you be friends with them in the first place? If they’re so close-minded that they can’t accept something new and different, that’s not a good sign. In fact, that’s one of the first things that people look for in a relationship: compatible hobbies.

But compatibility isn’t just about doing the same things. It’s about accepting the other person’s interests. It’s about acknowledging and respecting their character. There’s always that term that’s thrown around – “opposites attract.” Sure, sometimes. Sometimes, they don’t. Do you know how they do?

When you’re into some weird stuff, you don’t really have any soapbox to stand on. You don’t really have a foothold in most judgement contests. Until you meet someone into the same level, if not more extreme level of weirdness. It’s even better when the weirdness is in two different things – then, they won’t ever be able to judge each other that easily. All they can do is be aware. For a budding relationship, that’s more than enough.

Are people not going to be friends with you just because of your interests?

Yes. There’s going to be a lot of people that get fixated on one thing. But you won’t want them as your friends anyways. You don’t want someone who can’t look at the whole of your character. You don’t want someone that ignores everything good just to focus on something that they perceive as bad. If they don’t consider you worth your time because of something you like, then you don’t have to give them a second thought. You shouldn’t have to fight for your beliefs just to have a friend.

That’s not to say that you can expect nice people to come flocking towards you. It’s not that easy. You probably won’t find as many people as you would normally. You’ll probably get a few weird looks. That’s alright, though. You’ve already eliminated the people that weren’t really going to be your friends. You’ve already filtered out all the “acquaintances.”

The weirder your hobby is, the more niche it will be, and the less people you’ll find. You aren’t looking for people that are as weird as you, though – you’re looking for the people that can look past the weirdness.

But after a certain point, you might not want to consider it “weird” anymore. After you’ve found a few nice people, maybe it’s time to get past the stigma. I mean, you’ve already found a few accepting dudes, right? You have the power to change things. You have the power to change a lot of people’s minds – and the first person to start is with yourself.

Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s embarrassing to watch anime. If it’s enjoyable, and it’s not hurting anybody, then it’s fine in my book.


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