Mind over Myself

There’s some real impressive things that you can do if you let your emotions take over. A burst of passion – that’s what you’re looking for. Something that you can rely on to do something great. Something to push yourself – something to send you into overdrive.

Whatever senses you want to be heightened, get heightened. Whatever you’re focusing on gets even more in focus. Every one of your body parts moves in perfect harmony. Everything that you tell it to do, it does. There are no more flaws in your thinking. You have become one with your mind, and the only thing that limits you is the physical limit of the world.

It’s a powerful state of mind. How do you get to it? I’m sure you’ve had it before. Here’s the trick: get really angry.

Yeah, you can do this with any emotion, but happiness is hard to come by these days, and sadness just makes you look pretty pathetic. Fear just makes you run away faster. But anger? Anger gives you purpose. Anger gives you a target.

It’s not a bad thing to be angry. Maybe it’ll shorten your lifespan, I dunno – but would you really want an extra year when you’re already 80? Would you really care? I think it’s better to be angry now, and find a drive to work for something, rather than to sit on my ass later, lounging around in a white lawn chair.

Anger – you have to find a good reason, though. You can try to feel mad about something – you can act really miffed about “life in general,” but you still have to find something. Something like… a car that cut you off –

No, not that. Don’t do that. Don’t get pissed off while driving, since that’ll actually endanger your life.

Get pissed off while you’re on the computer – but not when you’re surfing the web. Not when you’ve got a way to comment your thoughts out and make yourself look like an idiot in front of thousands of different people.

Get angry when you have something to work on; get angry when you’ve got some business to finish. Get angry when you’re going to argue with somebody. Get angry when you’re doing your math. Get angry when you’re doing your homework.

But keep it in check. You have to be able to think clearly while you’re angry. You have to be able to know that you’re angry, and keep it going. You have to realize the extent of your emotions, and you have to keep making logical choices.

The guy that lifts the heaviest weight isn’t the one that screams the loudest. It’s the one that can use every single one of their muscles to the max, and that can do it with good form. The point of getting angry isn’t only to move the weight, but to do it without injuring yourself in the process.

You don’t have to run at full speed all the time. You don’t have to push yourself to the limit at every point – you just have to do it where it’s most important. Get angry when you need it the most. Get angry when you’re against overwhelming pressure.

I am angry now, because I have finally figured out my inferiority – I have finally found a reason to get better. I am angry, because I don’t ever want to see myself get 40% of the questions wrong  ever again.


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