You can be an asshole, but still see right from wrong. It just makes you self-aware.

That’s my goal. To be “right” without fearing the consequences. To truly speak my mind – to truly display my ideals. The purest expression of emotion.

It’s hard to do if nobody takes you seriously, though. Nobody that you meet in real life will really care that much about the differences between SUVs. Nobody that you pass by on the street is really going to keep up with you on a discussion about the future of MMORPGs.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re right about something most of the time, because most of the guys you meet won’t really care in the first place. You’d have to actively go out to find people that disagree with you. Could that be a good thing? Maybe. But it’d be pretty annoying if you didn’t actually share anything in common. If you’re not playing video games with them or having a tea party with them everyday, you’re not really gonna get that close to them. You won’t really have a chance to speak your mind, and they won’t really have a chance to speak theirs.

Because it really doesn’t matter.

I can type whatever I want on here, and I can just be myself. I don’t worry about what the other person might respond with. I won’t mind if there’s no response. It’s nice to see a screen instead of a person. It’s like I’m screaming into the abyss. Nobody hears, but I’ve released my tension anyways.

It’s like this with cars. Something about machinery – something about a wall, a barrier that keeps interactions limited. You don’t come to face with anyone. You don’t have to look at anyone else’s thoughts about you. You can turn the volume up on the radio, and keep blasting Pink Floyd while a cacophony of car horns echo around you. You don’t mind. You’re still in control of a few thousand pounds of metal. You’re OK.

You can say whatever profanities you want at them from inside your car. You can shout, you can press your horn a little harder – go nuts. They cut you off? A mutter under your breath. They’re honking at you for no reason? Curse them out.

It’s alright, because they won’t actually hear you. They can’t actually respond, so you can act however you want to. Knock yourself out. Because you’re not really talking to them. You’re separated by one foot of ground clearance. You don’t have to be the better man. You don’t need to hold yourself up to any moral standards. You’re talking through a filter, and whatever passes out of there doesn’t really matter.

At least, that’s how I think the mentality of modern drivers is nowadays. Every man for himself, yeah? No turn signals, no stopping to check for other people – “Fuck you, I’ve got a 5-star safety rating and the best insurance in the country.”

All you can really do is pucker up and slam your brakes. There’s that saying, too.

“I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.”

I think it’s by George Bernard Shaw. There isn’t really a consensus on the source, though.

Not that I would try to argue for it.

Don’t comment on internet forums, unless you’re in a small community. The quality of comments decreases exponentially as the user base gets higher.


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