.gifs in the middle east

Like most things on the internet, you have to dig a little beyond the surface to find some real “gems.”

When I see gifs of guys in white overalls in the desert, they’re more often than not doing something fun.

Yeah. I don’t really get around, actually. I just look for the happy stuff. I don’t actually want to see gore – I just know it’s inevitable, so I won’t fuss about it. I don’t comment about my thoughts on that stuff, because it’s a pretty normal stance – gore is gross. Death is gross, torture is gross, mutilation is gross, and a whole bunch of other things are pretty gross.

I’m a moral guy.

At least, that’s what I like to see myself as. I feel that I can uphold my morals pretty well against other people. But that’s a story to get into for another time.

Anyways, so I see these gifs, and – what?


But then I saw this one where a guy was holding onto the handlebars of an ATV while it was spinning around – a metre or so beside him, another guy was jumping over his spinning body. Like that “helicopter” game where a guy spun around a skipping rope in a 360 degree angle, and you tried to jump over it as it passed by you.

It looked absurd. It was the pinnacle of what these gifs meant to me. Maybe it was the graininess of the thing – gifs are starting to get pretty outdated now – or maybe it was the actual recording quality. All I know was that it looked surreal.

To a middle-class kid like me, most foreign things are pretty surreal. That is, to a lesser degree than these hand-picked moving pixels from the middle east.

I fantasize about this kind of stuff. Being rich enough to throw around sports cars without a care, having everything tailor-made, seeing a tourist destination every day when you wake up – it’s the stuff of dreams, isn’t it?

And for some reason, this one gif embodied all of those things. It doesn’t even have any other context. It was just a silly little thing, but it had such a profound effect on me.

Ah, look. I’m talking about nothing again.

And that’s the whole gif. Nothing. It’s just a guy jumping over a guy spinning around while hanging onto an ATV. It’s nothing life-changing. It’s not anything motivational. It’s just a shit-quality moving picture.

If you keep simplifying things though, you’ll notice that most things can be downplayed a lot.

“Oh, no big deal, it’s just a little break.”

“It’s just a sip.”

“It’s just a day.”

“Next time.”

“I promise.”

I can barely tell what I’m writing. It’s supposed to be about the dreamlike aesthetic of the desert background contrasted with the knowledge of the human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia, but I can’t stop looping things back to existential crises.


“And that’s-”

It’s all very formulaic, you know. I guess that’s my “style,” haha. It’s just incessant rambling about how I feel about “existence and all that.”


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